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Event Details

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Event TRWD/TRVA Quarterly Contracting Workshop
Status Event closed.
Event Date 2/20/2018
Event Times
 10:00 am Eastern
 9:00 am Central
 8:00 am Mountain
 7:00 am Pacific
 11:30 am Eastern
 10:30 am Central
 9:30 am Mountain
 8:30 am Pacific

 Event Information
Event Information TRWD/TRVA is hosting a series of information sessions to educate local businesses about the upcoming contracting opportunities within the TRWD's current water pipeline project and the Panther Island/Gateway Park project. Find out what opportunities are available as well as how to become a supplier with TRWD. Information will also be presented at the workshop regarding obtaining certifications for small or minority owned business. We encourage all businesses to attend to learn about contracting with TRWD/TRVA as well as participate in networking with other attendees after the workshop.

RD Evans Recreation Center
3200 Lackland Rd.
Fort Worth, 76116
Event Instructions Bring your business cards and be prepared to network with attendees. You never know who you may meet that can offer you opportunities.

 Contact Person
Contact Person Stacy Beeson
Organization TRWD/TRVA
Email Stacy.Beeson@TrinityRiverVision.org

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